2014: The year of local flowers!

Chica Bloom Farm’s 3rd season is revving up! We’ve swooned over flower seed catalogs, ordered our favorite varieties and now we’re patiently waiting for nature to take over in the greenhouse to see if these babies will germinate.


Working on a seasonal and organic farm can be seen as a perfect metaphor for life and patience is considered a great help along the way. There are many surprises both in wonderment and sadly, some in failures too. That unexpected patch of volunteer calendula that saved the day for our bride who wanted to highlight orange in her wedding was a grateful surprise! However, a crop failure is often heartbreaking. Those amazing (and expensive) dahlias we so looked forward to harvesting were sadly eaten by gophers. Alas…we considered those dahlia tubers a sacrifice to the Gopher Gods.  Yet, lesson learned and gopher baskets were swiftly ordered. So, just like in life, you’re grateful for the unexpected help and after falling down, you pick your head up, put on your cute farm girl hat and look forward to days full of blooms.


Here at Chica Bloom Farm we did have some successes this past season. We doubled the number of weddings from last year, and we started a local weekly CSA bouquet delivery. The feedback from our customers was so overwhelming positive in regard to our fresh, local, and organic flowers. We also quickly learned that we adore getting to spend a little time every week getting to know our community. We truly enjoy seeing their smiles as we bring them their just-harvested-that-morning bouquet and knowing that we’re making their day a little brighter makes our day brighter too!


More thrilling news is that Chica Bloom Farm is featured in the newly released book, Fresh from the Field Wedding Flowers by Lynn Byczynski and Erin Benzakein! We are so honored to be a part of this exciting book that continues to educate brides, farmers and florists who are interested in supporting the local and seasonal flower movement.


We are anticipating a wonderful 3rd season for Chica Bloom Farm. The daffodils and tulips have made an appearance and the ranunculas and sweet peas will soon be ready to harvest. The annual seeds are snuggled in the greenhouse, and we are patiently waiting for the last frost before we move the starts to our field. Stay tuned as we grow our flowers and our business.  We look forward to sharing our flowers, more successes and, inevitably, a few more bumps along the way!


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